Moringen2019The new retreat centre at Moringen, Germany has focussed on being as environmentally friendly and as self sustaining as possible.  It has made remarkable progress and has been holding Green Retreats this year.

See the report on being environmentally friendly... pdf(click here)

See the report on the Green retreat in May (and great photos)... pdf(click here)

WorthECOretreat2019A Green retreat was held in Lighthouse Retreat Centre Worthing where members of Brahma Kumaris from many parts of the UK (and the world) shared news and ideas in relation to protecting and nurturing the environment.  Some very creative ideas were shared.

See the report... pdf(click here)

zV1A green retreat was held in Lisbon, Portugal, 12 - 16 July 2018.  The retreat explored the relationship we have with the five elements through meditations, professional advice and art.  Valériane descibed the Brahma Kumaris support for the 'Living the Change' project.

pdfSee the report (click here)

zGreenDayThis is a short photo report of a day with Mother Earth and emergency preparations held in Madhuban.

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EcoRetreat2017The Green teams from many countries gathered in the new retreat centre in Moringen, Germany to share their insights and experiences (and to have a lovely time together!).  The retreat included many walks and talks with lots of photo opportunites.


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